Monday, 29 August 2016

Job prospects for civil engineers in India and abroad

Among all branches of the engineering, the range and applications of civil engineering is widest and most visible.  The main job of civil engineers is to design, plan, build, manage and administer the major infrastructure projects in the country. The microscopic execution is needed to implement the grand design of architecture to give shape to building, complexes and residential colonies or skyscrapers.

There are many aspects of the civil engineers ranging from hydro engineering, to coastal engineering, environmental, material, structural, geothermal, transportation, and water resources engineering.
The employment opportunities for civil engineers are expected to grow in the near future as India launches new big infrastructure projects .The demand for infrastructure projects is expected to grow and this demand will create new jobs for civil engineers.  Large number of civil engineers will be needed to mange construction of roads, highways, ports, residential colonies, office complexes, airports and other such projects.

The demand will also come from states, where the new residential colonies are coming up and rural roads are being made to link villages to the cities. The focus of the central government to build series of small and big ports on the long coastal line will create demand for civil engineers in port construction, roads construction from port to interiors of the city and for make new office complexes near the ports. Besides ports, the central government is building many airports in the second and third tier cities to bring large number of cities onto the air map of the country. This government policy will also create huge job opportunities for the civil engineers.

The civil engineers can work Best Job Placement Consultancy in India  in private or government organizations.  The government companies engaged in major projects always need experienced engineers and fresher from civil engineering to manage their projects at state or national level. 

Job prospects at international level –

The major part of the developed world is facing recession for last few years, which means that no new jobs are coming in their countries. The few jobs which are being added in the countries are reserved for the local population as governments of those countries want to keep their employment rates down. The decline in oil prices have led to the decline in demand for major construction projects in the Middle East, the traditional major source of jobs for Indian in various sectors. However, the candidates with higher qualifications and experience with specialization in any branch of civil engineering Civil Engineer Recruitment in Delhi  can find opportunities in several projects in several projects in African, west Asia and North America.