Friday, 8 April 2016

Importance Of Placement Consultants For Employer And Employees

Job placement consultants play the role of a middleman by helping companies to get the best available talent. Consultants help bridge the gap between a job seeker and employer.   These days’ companies do not rely on newspaper ads to post their vacancies. They rely on placement companies to give them the best talent. These placement consultancies take the first round of interviews and select the possible candidate, who can give justice to the work. The placement agencies help a company to get only those candidates who have qualified the first round of interview.

From the companies’ perspective, the role of placement consultant is both time saving and talent provider. The company official does not have to take the first round of interview, which may involve hundreds of candidates. The screening is done by the consultants. The placement consultants also make sure that only those candidates are send to the final interview , who have the potential to fit with the company  and job profile . Some reputed placement consultants conduct the workshops to keep motivating the employees and encourage them to give their best. They provide suggestion to employer to take certain steps to create right conducive atmosphere and give incentives for employees for increased productivity.  The placement consultants increase the communication between employee and human department of the companies to know each other’s point of view and create better working conditions.

Companies also depend on placement consultants because the thousands of candidates from all over the country make contact with job consultants. This vast pool of talent helps companies to pick up the right candidate according to their criteria.
Contacting a good placement consultant Best human resource consultancy in Delhi helps a candidate to access lot of companies in the particular field for placement. Individually it is nearly impossible to approach each company and seek interview for job. The placement consultants have the list of both big and small companies in nearly all sectors. They help job seekers to get the right company based on his or her education, experience and skills. Some placement consultants deal only one sector or branches. For example, the placement consultants for engineers or fashion designers. Another kind of specialization is placement for only middle or top management posts. This categorization of placement consultants helps job seekers to cut lot of wastage of time and directly approach the right place for job. The resources and Best Job Placement Consultancy in India time of job seekers is saved by these placement consultants. The online registration and own sites of job placement companies have made it immensely easy to job seekers to sell their talent for right price.

Some consultants also provide right communication skills and interpersonal skills to fresh candidates before their first interview. They also help a candidate to know the right job suiting the personality of the candidate.  They also follow up the interview progress of candidate to until final placement.